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the mid 1980's.

"I really enjoy the Trainer Profiles. I hit the exacta, April 6, 2008, in 6th race at Santa Anita
for $818. Something in your profiles caught my eye. I plan on being a long term subscriber.
DON'T go out of business! Your stuff is great. ".

- John Lafferty
Livermore, Ca

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I feel much more confident placing bets and would recommend Trainer-Profiles to
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- Jim Tietz
Camarillo, Ca

"I've been handicapping for 22 years, some successful and some not. Since using
Trainer-Profiles as one of my handicapping tools, instead of relying on statistics (the
same statistics that everyone else is using), my ROI has steadily improved, especially
with the exotics
. The trainer patterns are so easy to see and anticipate. I'm always
looking for a way to stay ahead of the game and this has helped tremendously".

- Michael Friedl
Newbury Park, CA

"I'm relatively new to horse racing and handicapping, but I'm learning a lot and having
fun doing it. Trainer-Profiles has been one of my biggest learning tools. I didn't realize
how important trainers were until my friend told me about Trainer-Profiles and how to
use them. It's simplified my handicapping. Thanks".

- Judy Read
Lancaster, CA

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