About Us

History of Trainer Profiles

In the mid 1980’s, after continuously loosing money betting the same favorites as everybody else, I was determined to try and find the magic number ( for lack of a better term) for picking more profitable winners.

After tirelessly reviewing literally thousands and thousands of result sheets, I never did find that magic number, but, what I did find was THE TRAINER. I found that most of them had predictable winning patterns.

They believed what worked before will work again. Also, when they aren’t winning, they would develop new patterns in order to get back to their winning ways. For the most part, the majority of these patterns were not known by the general public at this time.

In fact, I found a number of trainer patterns that contradicted many of the prevailing handicapping guidelines at the time. I started manually compiling these patterns in to a listing of profiles by trainer and date, and then began using them in conjunction with my personal handicapping method.

WE STILL COMPILE THE PROFILES MANUALLY, EVEN TODAY. It wasn’t long before I began to show a positive ROI. It had been a while.

Handicapping was fun again. Soon my friends and people I met at the OTB site began asking me if I would sell them a copy. Thus began CALIFORNIA PROFILES, the forerunner to Thoroughbred Trainer Profiles.

I began selling locally and then started a subscription service for Southern California and eventually Northern California. At the time, the 1990’s, Jeff Goldstein’s The Goldstein Report (winning trainer/ jockey combinations) and California Profileswere the only sources in the country for current trainer information.

The racing periodicals at the time only provided trainers win percentages and books supplying trainer information were published after a meet was completed, usually a year later.

The information we provide is found in a variety of sources including news print, magazine print, the Internet, and televised media, but you would have to spend long hours researching and compiling it to be able to use it to your advantage.

Keeping up with these training patterns requires constant monitoring. That’s what we do. We do the tedious research and monitoring, so you can reap the benefits.

The Thoroughbred Trainer and Maiden Profile Reports are comprehensive reports that detail each winning trainer and his/her patterns.

The reports are updated within one to two days of a race, so you’re getting current information.

To understand the importance of having access to current data, you need to be aware most trainers not only develop long-term patterns, but also seasonal and short-term patterns. The information must be current to use it to your advantage.

Additionally, we let you know when a trainer has dropped horses below their claiming price, changed workout regiments before wins, and had success shipping horses in from other race tracks. AND we will alert you to specific trainer patterns and changes so you don’t have to dig for the information.

To ensure your success using the Thoroughbred Trainer Profiles, we are constantly updating the profile and comment information we provide. Your success is our success!!